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Superintendent Dr. Murillo Updates Parents on Planning for 20-21 School Year

Dr. Murllo provided the following update to parents on June 15, 2020:

Planning for 2020-21

As I shared with you in May, a team of administrators, teachers and support staff members is preparing plans for the year that detail how we will ensure there are health and safety measures in place when we return to school. Our hope is that we will be able to have all children in school with added precautions in place to include sanitizing, social distancing and protective equipment. However, it is also prudent to plan for other options that may require having fewer or no students at school for a portion of the year. Our goal, no matter what, is to ensure health and safety while educating our students.  

The Iowa Department of Education has asked all school districts to prepare plans to provide education in three different ways, depending on the current status of the virus in our state and our community.  Below are three plans that we are finalizing to submit to the State for implementation as appropriate next school year:

In-School Learning

In-School Learning provides the traditional in-school instruction for all students with significant modifications for social distancing, sanitation and preventative screenings, and exclusion for COVID-19 symptoms or exposure. 


Hybrid Learning: Combination of Required In School and Online Learning

The COVID-19 Hybrid Learning Plan was developed to facilitate an intermediate step between remote learning as outlined in the Required Continuous Learning Plan and On-Site Learning when schools fully reopen while taking into consideration the unique circumstances presented by the COVID-19 pandemic.  In the Hybrid Learning Plan, instruction will take place both online and in person.  In-person instruction will take place on a rotating basis with smaller numbers of students physically present, while all other students participate virtually from home.  

Online Learning: Required Continuous Learning

We are continuing to finalize the Required Continuous Learning Plan to submit to the Iowa Department of Education by July 1. The plan includes a framework for the Council Bluffs Community School District to provide online instruction remotely, rather than in school, for health and safety reasons. This plan will require all students to participate in the online learning, with academic progress monitored and middle and high school coursework graded. To the greatest extent possible, students will access instruction via Google Classroom and Google Meet with district-provided Chromebooks according to the regular school bell schedule. 

Decisions will continue to be made to help mitigate and slow the spread of COVID-19 and to help protect our students, families and staff members. To date, we have been proactively preparing for next school year with the following measures:

  • We have been ordering cleaning and sanitation supplies to meet Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines, as well as securing protective equipment for all schools.
  • We have created options to reduce the number of students present to mitigate the spread of viruses in our classrooms and common spaces
  • We are ordering signs and posters to promote social distancing and hygiene protocols.

The Council Bluffs Community School District will continue to actively monitor the changing COVID-19 situation as we plan for next school year, and will implement plans with health and safety at the forefront. We will make decisions as soon as practical based on state mandates, and on guidance from the CDC, along with state and county health departments. 


Thank you again for your patience as we fulfill our commitment to the well-being of our school community. At this time of public health concern, we truly are all in this together as we navigate our way forward. 


I will plan to update you again by July 15th.