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Continuous Learning Plan Begins April 7th

The Council Bluffs Community School District is pleaed provide an update on how teachers will be interacting with students while all Iowa schools remain closed through April. The Governor has declared that the days of school missed will not be added to this school year. The last day of school is set to be May 28th.   

Teachers are eager to continue to provide regular feedback to students on their learning through the materials and online resources provided to them. More regular interactions will begin on Tuesday, April 7, and continue until we can hopefully re-open school on Monday, May 4, 2020. This contact may be initiated via Google Hangout Meet, District Gmail, Google Hangout Phone, or Google Chat.  Some teachers are continuing to connect with parents on social media platforms as well. If you prefer that your child does not receive communication from teachers, please contact the Help Desk at Families in need of an internet solution are encouraged to contact the school district’s technology department at 712-396-2633.

As you know, our originally-scheduled spring break was April 9-13. However, given this unusual situation, teacher-student contact may continue throughout this time, but not on Friday, April 10, which is a federal holiday. 

Based on guidance from the Iowa Department of Education, the district will continue to implement voluntary learning opportunities rather than required educational services.  While student completion of the recommended material is not required at this time, it will keep your child in a routine of learning and prepare them to pick up where they left off before we closed. Our Voluntary At Home Learning website continues to be updated regularly with new activities for students, so please take time to visit it at

Our district curriculum specialists will adjust the curriculum so that students have every opportunity when we return to school to learn the standards required for their grade level and for each subject. This will allow students to move to the next grade level, even if we are not able to return to school this year. 

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