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Book Trust Program Inspires Reading at Edison Elementary

The President and Chief Executive Officer Tiffany Kuehner and Chief Operating Officer Kellie O’Keefe of Book Trust, travelled from their offices in Denver, Colorado to Edison Elementary to visit with and help students purchase their latest set of books.

“The most amazing part of the Book Trust program is we give children the opportunity to chose and own their own books,” said Kuehner. “Our hope is that this inspires their passion for reading and gives them the skills to become strong readers and learners.”

Each month throughout the school year, students are given an book allowance of $7 to place an order for books to take home. “We want students to feel the magic of reading,” said Sara Pruss, literacy coach at Edison Elementary. “It only takes one really great story to get hooked on reading, and we want to help them find it!”

Edison and Bloomer Elementary Schools are two of only ten area metro schools, and the only two schools in Iowa that participate in the Book Trust program, which is supported locally by the United Way and funded entirely by generous donations.