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Council Bluffs Schools Foundation Awards 2018-19 Classroom Grants

The Council Bluffs Schools Foundation awarded classroom grants to 28 recipients totaling $19,843 for the 2018-19 school year.

The grants provided ranged from $200 to $1,000 each.

Grant applications are reviewed on a competitive basis, with the goal to select the project that enhance the educational experiences of students. To date, the foundation has awarded more than $340,000 in grants.

Recipient List:

Abraham Lincoln High School:

Kourtney Abbotts, “Collaborate, Communicate, Inspire and Create Lifelong Meaning”

Kathy Reckling, “Less Wires, More Visuals To Promote Instruction and Feedback”

Ryan Higgins, “Innovative Design Opportunities”

Bloomer Elementary:

Holly Sharp, “We Do Robotics 2.0”

Matthew Nolde, “Bloomer Books for ART Room”

Carter Lake Elementary:

Tiffany Smith, “Engaging High Frequency Word Practice”

College View Elementary:

Tony Vincent, “Making Media That Matters”

Krista Johnson, “Ukes for Youths”

Danielle Philmon, “School to Home Literacy Bags – Curiosity and STEM Learning”

Franklin Elementary:

Heidi Kirsch, “Franklin Ukulele Ensemble”


Holly Miller, “Fish Iowa”

Kirn Middle School:

Tedi Swanson, “Project Lit”

Audrey Wadzinski, “Classroom Library”

Mandy Stark, “Data Collecting Scientists”

Carrie Pope, “You Lift Me Up”

Deb Mohling, “Earth’s Place in the Universe”

Lewis and Clark Elementary:

Martha Jane Bonine, “HERO Club Enrichment”

Annie Vorthmann, “Achieving Greatness in Math”

Roosevelt Elementary:

Sindy Kafka, “Engaging Books”

Thomas Jefferson High School:

Courtney Mimick, “Emerging Young Artists and Enhancing the Art Room Experience”

Denise Hoag, “Artificial Intelligence in a Box”

Laurie Bancroft, “Skilled Handbuilding in Ceramics”

Mary McGlade, “Adaptive Physical Education”

Tucker Center:

Christopher Emge, “Project Truck”

Patty Pettit, “Stop the Bleed Training Kit”

Hoover Elementary and Lewis & Clark Elementary:

Trina Casey, “Social and Emotional Stories for Students”

Hoover Elementary, Lewis & Clark Elementary, and Crescent Elementary:

Heather Feierstein, “Resources for Enrichment: Supporting the Needs of Talented and Gifted Students”

Rue Elementary and Edison Elementary:

Lyndsay Daley, “Unlocking Creative Thinking Through STEM and Problem Solving”