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American National Bank Opens Branch at Lewis & Clark

American National Bank and the Council Bluffs Community School District are pleased to announce the opening of an elementary bank branch at Lewis & Clark Elementary School.

“Research suggests that creating a hands-on experience with financial literacy has a greater impact on positive money management empowering our youth to take charge of their financial future,” said Andrea Patten, American National Bank Branch Manager. “We truly appreciate our partnership with the Council Bluffs School District and look forward to building the foundation for a savings-focused youth.”

Students are encouraged to set savings goals with incentives throughout the year to keep them on track for financial literacy. As part of the program, fifth grade students take a test and are interviewed to become bank tellers. As tellers, they are trained to handle their peers’ transactions and market the bank’s student-specific accounts.

“We are very fortunate to have business partners, such as American National Bank, who invest in our students,” said Dr. Vickie Murillo. “They are bringing valuable skills in financial literacy to life by providing this in-school banking experience for our students.”

The elementary branch was officially opened on Friday, October 12 and will give opportunities to students to contribute to a savings account throughout the year.  The Lewis & Clark bank branch is now the 11th in the school district, and the second with partner American National Bank, which opened a branch at Carter Lake Elementary in 2017.  

Ribbon Cutting at Lewis & Clark Elementary  American National Bank opens a branch at Lewis and Clark Elementary  Principal Hamilton and students pose for a photo during the ribbon cutting ceremony.