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2020-21 Bus Schedules Now Available (Updated)

The Council Bluffs Community School District bus schedule is now available for the upcoming 2020-21 school year. Children should arrive at the bus stop five minutes before the planned pickup time to ensure that students can arrive to school on time. Note that the Monday drop off times will be different than posted, based on the early dismissal.  In our Hybrid Phase, there will be fewer students on each bus so that students can spread out. We will have windows partially open for extra ventilation, and will also expect students to wear masks and use the hand sanitizer that will be available upon boarding the bus.  Our partners at First Student will be disinfecting the buses with a safe product that resists viruses on the surfaces.  If you have any questions about busing, please contact your child's school or First Student Bus Company at 712-320-8999.

Below you will find busing information for each school:

Abraham Lincoln


Carter Lake

College View




Kirn Middle School

Lewis & Clark



Thomas Jefferson

Wilson at Madison Campus


Note: Bus times are subject to change.


General Guidelines

1. When waiting for the bus, students must respect the rights and property of others.

2. If a student misses a bus, this is not an excuse for being tardy or absent.

3. When boarding or leaving the bus, student must be conscious of other students and traffic.

4. No student shall sit in the driver’s seat, stand or sit next to the driver, engage in any unnecessary conversation with him/her, harass or distract the driver.

5. Upon boarding, students will show the driver their passes, immediately select a seat, and remain in that seat until they disembark.

6. Students detained after school for disciplinary reasons shall be responsible for their own transportation.

7. If a student rides a bus other than his/her regular bus, the principal may approve the request after parental contact.

8. Students are responsible to the driver and/or school district personnel.

9. The Code of Conduct does apply to school provided transportation.