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Thomas Jefferson Coach Honored as a 2018 Brooks Inspiring Coach

Coach Vetter

Just one day after the Thomas Jefferson High School boys and girls teams competed in the Iowa State Qualifying Meet at Gale Wickersham Stadium, assistant coach Nicole Vetter was honored for her work not only with the track teams but her dedication to the school district’s Special Olympics program.

Vetter has been named by Brooks as one of two track coaches in the nation to receive the “Inspiring Coach of the Year” award for 2018.

“Winning this award is very humbling, said Vetter. “I work with so many great coaches and feel like the people who lead me and inspire me to be better deserve it so much more. I am so grateful for the Special Olympics Iowa and Brooks for choosing me.”

Vetter received a Golden Spike trophy, a $10,000 grant for Brooks performance running gear, and $2,500 to the Thomas Jefferson High School athletic department for team expenses.

“I am so thankful that my family is able to hold down the fort when I am gone,” said Vetter. “It gives me the time to pursue my passion of coaching kids, whether it be track or Special Olympics.”