• Welcome to the Abraham Lincoln School Counseling Program


    Through classroom lessons, small groups, and individual sessions, school counselors provide a framework for all students to find academic success, develop future goals, and access D+1 opportunities. Students are sometimes challenged with the demands of school and life.  Decision-making, navigating conflict, problem solving, and healthy relationships are some of the topics school counselors discuss with students.  Your child's assigned school counselor can be a valuable resource as your child becomes future ready. 

    Students can access school counselors by completing a “Request to See a Counselor” slip in the Counseling Office before school, after school, or during passing periods.  Counselors will schedule appointments with students at times throughout the school day.  Parents are also welcome to call or email counselors to schedule an appointment.


    Abraham Lincoln High School school counselors each have an assigned caseload as well as other duties:


    Sharon Crawford - Grades 9-11, last names A-Go

    Other Duties: Social Emotional Learning, ACT Test Coordinator




    Valerie Hallagan - Grades 9-11, last names Gr-O

    Other Duties: Career Programming, Job and Volunteer Opportunities, Foreign Exchange Contact




    Christy Heckman - Grades 9-11, last names P-Z

    Other Duties: Department Head, Course Selection Process Coordinator, 8th-9th Grade Transition




    Larella Rangel - All 12th Grade Students

    Other Duties: College Programming, Senior Recognition, Scholarship Committee Head






    Future Ready