• Thoughtexchange

    Why We Use Thoughtexchange

    Engaging our community in decision-making is integral to our success as a district. Especially in 2020-21, we rely on the collective understanding and creativity of students, families and staff members as we first define and then address the situations we face during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

    We use Thoughtexchange to hear your concerns and ideas and for you to hear the concerns and ideas of one another. Together, we can make a positive difference.

    How Thoughtexchange Works

    When we seek input using a question posed in Thoughtexchange, each participant is invited to share thoughts and then to rate the thoughts shared by others, using a 1-5 star rating. Unlike the comment section of a survey, Thoughtexchange works in real time, allowing each participant to see the comments shared by others. Each comment has value, and every voice is heard.

    Just as participants can see the comments shared by others, District staff see all comments and see how they are rated by all participants. Your voice and your opinions are evident to us through this process. Your thoughts guide the decision-making that impacts our entire district.