• You are invited to view your child’s grade report online.

    The Council Bluffs Community School District believes that grades are an important tool for communicating academic achievement to students and their parents. Parent-teacher conferences provide the opportunity for a discussion on your child’s progress, and report cards detail their progress on the standards that have been set to learn and understand in each subject area. Teachers carefully assess student progress and collect evidence of their learning throughout the quarter and semester. 

    To make the report cards for elementary school students more easily accessible to parents, we have made them available in PowerSchool. By sharing the grade report online with you in a secure way, we can move away from printed copies. We hope you will agree that this is a more confidential way to share this important information with you.

    Below are the performance levels teachers use to report progress towards the performance standards.

    Standards Grade Scale

     View this video with helpful information on how to access grade reports through PowerSchool. 

    By accessing your child's PowerSchool account, you can also track student attendance, effort, ability, engagement, improvement, attitude, and other behaviors.

    Please read the attached directions on how to access PowerSchool.  If you do not have access to your child’s 6-digit student i.d., please contact 712-396-2633. If you cannot access the report card online, please contact your child’s school office to request a paper copy. A video tutorial is also available here (link)

    PowerSchool App (Available for Download)

    There have been some configuration changes made to the PowerSchool connection.  If you have had the app since last school year, we suggest logging out of the app, click on more at the bottom.  Then account, and sign out.
    Then please log back in.
    If you are unable to do that please uninstall the powerschool application and reinstall it.
    Doing one of these 2 things should pull down the correct configuration for grade viewing.