• General Questions

    Below are some general questions from the FAQ. If you have a question that is not listed on the FAQ or on the page below, please email communications@cb-schools.org. We will continue to add questions to this page and the FAQ as appropriate.


    What can the school district do to support students who have anxiety or mental distress at this time?

    School staff have received professional development to help with students that may have anxiety or mental distress. There are also staff members within the buildings who may provide additional support including but not limited to: counselors, student and family advocates, graduations coaches, behavior consultants, etc. There are also several community partners that have partnered with the district to provide support in this area as well.

    Can the school district really control whether a child is sent to school even if they are sick?

    The school district will maintain a close relationship with families, health care providers, and our local health departments. Ultimately, it is a partnership with all of stakeholders to ensure that students stay home when they are sick or have been exposed to illness.

    Will there be after-school clubs, activities and athletics?

    21st Century CLC programming and clubs will provide opportunities for students in the schools that have the grant. Site facilitators will work with building teams to ensure District and building expectations and operations are being followed. Clubs will run during scheduled times if the District or school is following the onsite phase of instruction. If the District or school is following the hybrid or remote learning phases of instruction, clubs will also be delivered remotely as organized by 21st Century CLC staff. Athletics are going to occur, but guidance from the state athletic associations has yet to be released to determine at what level or if there will be restrictions.

    What can families do if they do not have access to the internet at home?

    We are finding that about 20% of district families do not have internet access and home. Multiple strategies for connecting the families have been employed, including providing information for the family to access internet through the Cox Connect2Compete program, and directing students to locations within the community that have free BLink or school Wifi, such as school parking lots and parks in the northwest part of our community. Families in need of an internet solution are encouraged to contact the school district’s technology department at 712-396-2633.  The Technology Support Center is located at 801 S. 16th Street. 

    Will there be childcare available for the days my child is not scheduled to be in school?

    Yes. The district has partnered with Kids & Company to offer full-day child care. The cost is $24 per day. Families can register for Kids & Company at www.cbsf.org The Department of Human Services has changed its eligibility requirements for the Child Care Assistance program, making assistance available to more families in Iowa. For more information, please visit www.dhs.iowa.gov/child-care Reimbursement may be filed with DHS.