• School Day Related Questions

    Below are the questions from the FAQ that are directly related to students return to school. If you have a question that is not listed on the FAQ or on the page below, please email communications@cb-schools.org. We will continue to add questions to this page and the FAQ as appropriate.

    What are the plans for returning to school on August 24, 2020?

    There are three phases in our Return To Learn Plan for 2020-21 developed to meet the educational needs of all students. At this time, the final decision on which phase to enter for the beginning of the school year has not been made. The options at this time are the On-Site and Hybrid Phases.

    • On-Site Phase 
      • All students in school daily with significant health and safety protocols in place
    • Hybrid Phase
      • Designed to reduce the number of students in the school building and classrooms on a daily basis. *More details on the logistics of Hybrid phase are outlined further in this document.
      • Hybrid Learning 
    • Remote Phase
      • Only by direction of the Iowa Department of Education and Public Health and only on a temporary basis as needed.
      • Remote Learning

    Is there an option if I 
    do not want my child to attend class in the school building at any time, no matter which phase we are in

    Students may enroll in the Council Bluffs Virtual Academy.  The Virtual Academy will provide students with access to real-time and on-demand instruction in grades K-12.  All courses will be taught by licensed teachers utilizing the Council Bluffs Community School District’s curriculum and the Iowa Academic Standards.  Students will have access to a broad range of both core content and elective courses utilizing the district's Google Classroom course management system and Google Meet for real-time and on-demand instruction.  Registration is open through August 7. 

    Link to Registration Form

    Link to Virtual Academy website

    Will families be on the same schedule?

    Yes, schedules for families will be the same.

    What days of the week will my children attend school?

    During the hybrid phase, students will be split into two groups, an “1” group and a “2” group. Group 1 will be for students that have a last name that begins with A through K.  Group 2 will be for students that have a last name that begins with L through Z If a family has children with different last names that fall into both groups, they will be given a choice.  “1” group students will attend school on Tuesday and Thursday, and Mondays designated as 1.  Group “2” students will attend school on Wednesday and Friday, and Mondays designated at 2.  (Earlier communication about the Hybrid phase did not include students attending in person on Mondays. The Department of Education guidelines now require students to be physically present in school at least 50% of the time.)

    **PLEASE NOTE**  Thank you for your patience as we have made changes to the schedule.  To avoid confusion with A/B days for electives at schools, the Monday Hybrid groups are now Groups 1 and 2.  The other change you may have noticed is which group attends school on which Mondays.  Group 2 will begin in school on the first day of school, August 24th.  This update was so that Group 2 would not have to wait until the third day of school to attend class in person.  

    Group 1 

    Group 2

    31-Aug 24-Aug
    21-Sep 14-Sep
    5-Oct 28-Sep
    19-Oct 12-Oct
    2-Nov 26-Oct
    16-Nov 9-Nov
    30-Nov 23-Nov
    14-Dec 7-Dec
    11-Jan 4-Jan
    1-Feb 25-Jan
    22-Feb 8-Feb
    8-Mar 1-Mar
    22-Mar 15-Mar
    12-Apr 29-Mar
    26-Apr 19-Apr
    Monday School Hours:
    Elementary 8:55 am-1:00 pm
    Middle School 7:30 am-11:30 am
    High School 8:00 am -12:00 pm

    Will my child be expected to be online all day on “at-home” days?

    No. Teachers will provide “live” instruction using Google Meet at regularly scheduled times. Student assignments will be provided in Google Classroom and all Google Meets will be recorded and posted to Google Classroom for access by students at any time based on family schedule.

    Will grades be given and credits be awarded?

    Yes, student participation is required. All student work will be graded according to district grading practices.

    How will teachers interact with students and families during “at-home” days?

    Teachers will provide direct instruction via Google Meet at regularly scheduled times according to the student schedule.  Student assignments will be provided in Google Classroom. Contact between teachers and students will be maintained via Google Meet, District Gmail, Google Hangout Phone, or Google Chat.

    How will a child’s school attendance be affected if required to isolate or quarantine at home?

    Any school absence of a student who is required to stay home will be marked as illness. This absence will be considered an excused absence.