• Superintendent Dr. Vickie Murillo toured the Kirn Middle School construction site on October 9, 2019 to see the progress on the renovations. The project is set to be complete by mid-July, 2020. See the photos below to see the construction progress.

  • The Madison Campus opened as the site for Kirn Middle School for the 2019-20 School Year on August 27, 2019.

    Kirn at Madison Campus Entrance Board of Education and District Leaders at Kirn Kirn Lobby Children at Kirn


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    Making Progress on the Kirn Middle School Renovation

    The renovation at Kirn Middle School started on June 10, 2019, and is scheduled to be completed by July 17, 2020.

    As of the last week in September, the general contractor has secured the site with construction fencing and signage. Exterior demolition for the three additions on the north, south and east side of the building has been completed. The foundation for the north addition is complete and the structural steel is being installed by the end of September. Crews are excavating the area for the new kitchen and loading dock on the east side of the building. The footings and foundation for the new entrance and lobby area on the south side of the building is underway. The schedule shows foundations, framing and roofing for these additions are on schedule to be completed before winter weather, with the new masonry being installed into early winter. Crews have disconnected the existing heating and air conditioning equipment and lighting fixtures, and have begun removing interior furnishings and fixtures that will be replaced. 

    (posted September 26, 2019)

    Board to Hold Public Hearing on the Design for the Renovation of Wilson Middle School 

    Mall Property Redevelopment Possible Near Madison Campus

    The Council Bluffs Board of Education approved an agreement on September 10, 2019, related to potential new neighbors at our Madison Campus, the site of Kirn Middle School this year and Wilson Middle School for the 2010-21 school year. This is one step in a process developers are taking for changes on the site of the Mall of the Bluffs.  The school district owns the Madison Campus building, and has no plans to sell the building. Redevelopment, including any mall demolition or the construction of new buildings on mall property, will not directly affect our building.

    As the Board considered the agreement, the safety of students and the learning environment remained a top priority.  We will continue to work with the project developer to ensure the timeline for the new development on the mall property will not impact our school year. We are confident that, with any changes to the mall property, our school building and parking area will be protected from the construction. As a school district, we look forward to this potential redevelopment within our community.

    Kirn Middle School at the Madison Campus Welcomes Students and Staff to the 2019-20 School Year

    The 2019-20 School Year officially began on August 27, 2019, with the excitement of Kirn Middle School students and staff located at the new Madison Campus. 

    District Takes Ownership of Former Target Store; Board to Name Building "Madison Campus."

    Following a process of due diligence and negotiation with the seller of the mall property, the school district now owns the former Target store building. Kirn Middle School will move into that space next school year while the school is being renovated, and Wilson will occupy the space during the 2020-21 school year. You may be interested to know that the Board of Education approved the recommendation to name the relocation site as the Madison Campus. So, next year, we will have “Kirn Middle School at the Madison Campus.” The following year, we will have “Wilson Middle School at the Madison Campus.”

    In January, the Board approved the design and floor plan for the renovation of the Madison Campus building to be transformed into 60 classrooms, art and music areas, a kitchen, lunch room, and multi-purpose space for p.e. The building will also have a secure entrance, with no internal access to the public mall areas, an updated heating and cooling system, and additional restrooms.
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