• Superintendent's Vision:

    Every student graduates with a high school diploma and another piece of paper.

    Superintendent's Goals:

    • Improve Student Achievement
      • 100% of students will demonstrate growth as measured by the Measure of Academic Progress (MAP) in reading and math.
      • 50% of students will achieve their individual growth target.
      • 80% of students will score in the average, high average or high band on MAP.

    • Guarantee All Graduates are Future Ready
      • 10 students will earn an Associate’s Degree or Post-Secondary Certificate along with HS Diploma through Early College Academy.
      • 228 students will earn a National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC).
      • 66% of seniors will earn College Credit prior to Graduation.

    • Develop a District Master Facilities Plan
      • By April, develop for Board approval a comprehensive Master Facilities Plan to address ongoing facility and capital improvements in all district buildings.
      • Implement Phase I - Middle School Renovations.

    • Expand Mental Health Supports
      • 76% of middle and high school students will report positive self perception of social-emotional health as measured by Panorama survey.
      • Increase by 20% student/family engagement in school- based therapy.
      • Increase opportunities for staff to learn about mental health supports for students/families.

    Presentation of 2018-19 Superintendent's Vision and Goals