• Middle School Renovation Special Election

    September 11, 2018 


    Q:  How will the $37 million be allocated for this project?

    A:  The estimated costs to complete the projects are itemized into the following categories: Security & Safety $4.8 million, Accessibility $3.2 million, Building Systems $10.95 million, Learning Environment $12.55 million, and Purchase and Preparation of Relocation Site $5.5 milion. If the bond is approved, the architects wil develop detailed plans and specifications. The renovation of each building is estimated to be in the $14-$17 million range.  If the costs are less than $37 million, the school district will not borrow the full amount allowed, which will decrease the amount of the tax rate. This measure would not allow the school district to borrow more than $37 million. 


    Q:  What is the current school district property tax levy, and how much will it increase?

    A:  The School District’s total levy is $17.24, and would increase by 49 cents per thousand on the taxable value of property if the bond is approved. This equates to an annual property tax increase of $31 for an appraised home value of $120,000.

    Q:  With the last increase of .24 and adding a bond levy, how much of school district residents’ total property tax levy (county and school) are dedicated to schools

    A:  The school district’s portion of the overall district property tax levy is about 37%.

    Q:  What happens if the bond is not approved by the voters on September 11?

    A:  If the bond is not approved, the District could hold another special election in April 2019.

    Q:  Why a special election?

    A:   School elections are held every other year.  The next regular school election is scheduled in November 2019 per state law. The dates allowed for school special elections are pre-determined by law, with September 11, 2018, as the next available date for a special election.

    Q: What are the additional costs for busing and/or nutrition service and for use or lease other facilities for activities during construction?

    A:   The additional costs to provide transportation and school meals to the relocation facility are being studied at this time. A combination of the general fund, capital fund and nutrition fund would be used to cover the additional costs.

    Q: Why do we need such large illuminated structures on the roofs of the buildings?  

    A:  The drawings are initial concepts, which will be refined with community input. Our goal is to create a secured and easily recognized entrance.

    Q:  What are the necessary updates to the buildings?

    A:  A year-long study of the buildings was conducted by a team of district teachers, administrators and parents. Middle school building specifications were developed to include infrastructure (heating, cooling, plumbing, electrical and mechanical) updates, safety, security and accessibility improvements and adaptation of the learning environment conducive to the middle school and International Baccalaureate model.   

    Q: What are the plans for existing underused or vacant facilities if the former Target building becomes the new site for programs currently housed elsewhere?  

    A:  None of the district’s vacant buildings (Kanesville and Pusey) are large enough to accommodate 1,000+ students.  

    Q: What is the estimated cost of remodeling Target after it is used as the middle school temporary site?

    A:  The costs to renovate the relocation facility after it is used for the middle schools have not yet been estimated, as it will depend on the type of district programs to be housed there.  Architects have estimated the square footage renovation costs to be in the $40 to $50 range.  

    Q:  If the legislature extends the penny sales tax for schools, could the district borrow less, therefore reducing the levy?

    A:  The District is committed to ensuring a combination of funding streams is available to renovate the schools, as well as implement a long-term Master Facilities Plan to maintain the investments already made at all of the other district buildings.  The levy could be reduced if actual construction costs are less than anticipated.

    Q: Is grant funding available for the safety portion of project?

    A:  The District has been able to obtain grant funding for equipment, such as radios, cameras and door systems, and will continue to do so.