Illness at School

  • Illnesses At School- Our primary goal is to protect the health of our students, families, faculty and staff.  Ways that you can help to minimize the spread of illness at your child’s school are:

    1. Teach your child about good hand washing and cough hygiene practices.

    2. Let the school nurse/ health associate know if your child has a medical condition that could make them more susceptible to becoming ill.

    3. Discuss with your doctor additional measures that might reduce your families chance of becoming ill. 

    4. Plan for how your child will be cared for if they need to remain home from school due to illness. Students with the following symptoms should remain home or  may be sent home from school:

    • An oral temperature of 100 degrees  Fahrenheit. Note: The child’s temperature must remain below 100 degrees for 24 hours without benefit of use of fever reducing medications before they can return to school.

    • Vomiting- should be free of symptom for 24 hours before returning to school.

    • Diarrhea- should be free of symptom for 24 hours before returning to school.

    • Unexplained skin eruptions or rashes. When in doubt, consult your child’s doctor.

    • Any other health condition that in the school nurses health associates judgment is of concern for the others health and well-being and that of the child.

    • Communicable illnesses in which you have been advised to remain out of school until cleared to return by the county health department or your child’s doctor.
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