• The Council Bluffs Community School District, formed in 1859, has a rich history of innovation, distinguished educators, and successful graduates. 

    The document linked below is a reconstruction of the history of education in Council Bluffs and it is current up to 2001. It attempts to describe the establishment of the Board of Education, the construction and naming of school buildings, the number of students served throughout the district’s history, and some of the educational accomplishments over the past century and a half.

    The Mormons played an important part in the establishment of private schools in Council Bluffs, then called Kanesville. Later private schools were replaced by public schools, making education available to all. The first public school building was built in 1864. We still have 17 school buildings in use today.

    Click this link to see the progression of the Council Bluffs School District throughout the years.

    Below is a copy of the 150th Anniversary article for Council Bluffs Schools from July 2009.

    Nonpareil Article