Mission and Core Values


    The mission of the Harmon Tucker Career and College Center is to offer students quality instructional opportunities in career-oriented programs of study, providing a pathway to meet the challenges of post-secondary education and training in a globally competitive workforce.


    As educators, we at the Harmon Tucker Career and College Center value…

    Inquiry – We believe that it is never too late to learn.  We believe that both teachers can learn, and students can lead.  We believe that questioning and reasoning are essential components of education.

    Relationships – We believe that mutual respect is paramount to building relationships.  We believe that good relationships are built upon open communication. We believe that in 21st century classrooms, collaboration is fundamental; therefore, cultivating quality relationships is imperative.

    Professionalism – We believe in and are committed to the highest principles of professionalism.  We believe in modeling these principles in our daily interactions.  We believe in maintaining a strong work ethic and exceeding others’ expectations.

    Integrity – We believe that reputations are earned.  We believe that who we are is as important as what we do.  We believe in doing what is right — even when it is difficult — and for the right reasons.