Proud of College View

  • Comments from some of our parents
    “This is our first year at College View- but I have noticed positive changes in all of my children. My oldest child has increased her confidence in communicating and risk-taking. She is willing to share her opinion without fear of being judged, but is also open to understanding there are two sides of the story. My son has enjoyed the style of learning happening at CV. He was always an average student but seeing his growth in reading this year (and knowing his increase in scores) has built his confidence. He is more willing to share his knowledge in class because of this increase in confidence and belief that he can be a top student. Our 2nd grader has had the greatest change. She learned this year about the power to choose and she participated in Roots and Shoots. Her passion to improve the quality of life (not only for herself, but the world) is amazing. Her desire to contribute to volunteer activities is unmatchable and she believes that SHE can make a difference! Our youngest is just a preschooler. However, the exposure to the IB program is setting her up for success and I can’t wait to see her grow the next 7 years.”
    “On Friday, May 13, 2016, the Exhibition Homelessness Group sold red noses for $1. Without being asked, my daughter, a first grader, bought 2 with her own money. She told her dad and me that she bought one for herself and one for her brother and that the money went to help poor kids. I think this is a perfect example of the CARING attribute of the IB Learner Profile. We are proud of our daughter’s decision and wanted to let everyone at College View know that we can see the IB program at work!”
    “My child has attended College View since 1st grade, and she’s now getting ready for Exhibition. She has had so many opportunities to take action throughout her time at College View, which I feel is paving the way for her to be a more informed and involved citizen. From organizing popcorn sales to raise money for natural disaster victims to rolling up her sleeves to pick up trash around her school and neighborhood, the school community has provided the knowledge and encouragement needed for IB learners to make a difference.”

    “I’ve been fortunate to have three boys go through the IB program at College View. One was only in the program for 5th grade, the second for three years, and the youngest is in kindergarten. I can’t say often enough what a difference the IB approach and philosophy has made in my kids’ education, both in and out of the school day. The six year old often says things like “Because I’m a risk-taker”, or “that’s not being principled.” I love that the school and teachers help them learn not just the traits, but they show them what those traits look like in action so that they internalize them. All three of my children are very “global” thinkers in that they are open-minded and tolerant, they love the diversity of their schools, and they’re very curious and concerned about events and people in other parts of the world. Part of this is upbringing, but I attribute much of it to the IB philosophy. They also greatly enjoy serving others and their community; the oldest volunteers with handicapped children and at Hitchcock Nature Center, the middle one was a founding member of Roots and Shoots and has continued doing service-oriented activities, and the youngest loves helping out anyone, anywhere. Again, I think the IB approach helps strengthen values they learn at home. Finally, the Spanish education they received at College View has helped them so much at the middle school and high school; they retained the vocabulary and it has made the acquisition of grammar that much easier. I do think the transition to a more traditional middle school was difficult, especially for the one who was at College View for three years. The paper and pencil tests carry so much weight on their letter grades, and that is such a different orientation to learning than they had in elementary school. I would love to see the IB program adopted at the upper grades so that there is more authentic learning and assessment occurring, projects, portfolios, etc. I am keeping my fingers crossed that this becomes a reality!”

    “Both of my children try to apply what they are learning at College View into their every day lives and be cognizant of how their actions will impact others. My son recently went outside of his comfort level and decided to try Taekwondo while my daughter was involved in a pageant. These types of activities are definitely things that they would not have considered trying previously if it wasn’t for the programs at school encouraging them to be risk-takers and open-minded.”

    “My sons are both in 5th grade and always excited about the projects they are working on and the current exhibition they are working on and presenting to other schools. It is an amazing program. My daughter is in kindergarten and loves talking about the Learner Profile and how she demonstrated different attributes throughout the day. This program gets kids talking and helps create real conversations in the family.”