• Mathematics can be described as the study of patterns and relationships.  Mathematicians do these 3 things: notice patterns and relationships, describe patterns and relationships, and generalize patterns and relationships.  These three ideas are used as a tool to help understand the world around us and solve real-life, relevant problems. Mathematics is a powerful tool used in today’s society to enhance our everyday lives.  

    The Council Bluffs Community School mathematics program is designed for all students to achieve at their highest level of understanding mathematical concepts. This work is embedded in the philosophy of teaching through problem solving.  Students build conceptual understanding, procedural fluency, application of mathematical concepts with equal balance aligned with the Iowa Common Core State Standards for Content and Practices.

    The outcome for students in Council Bluffs Community Schools is to gain an appreciation of mathematics through rigorous tasks that ask students to think, reason, interpret and solve problems in the world around them.


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Degrees and Certifications:

Mariah Schroder, K-5 Math Curriculum Specialist