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Kanesville Enrollment Procedures

Kanesville Alternative Learning Center


Student must have attended one year plus one trimester in a traditional high school to qualify.  All names of requesting students will be given to Amy Hawthorne.

Student requests Kanesville:  Home school will contact parent/guardian to make sure they are on board and then a meeting is arranged with student, parent if possible, representative from home school and Amy Hawthorne.

Parent and student requests Kanesville:  A meeting is arranged with the student, parent if possible, a representative from the home school and Amy Hawthorne.

Any student with an IEP will have an IEP meeting arranged after their initial meeting with Amy Hawthorne. The IEP meeting will include home school and Kanesville special education representatives.


The mandatory placement at Kanesville is a 5th year general education student that is not being successful at the home high school as deemed by their 5th year contract agreement.

Any general education student entering year 6 of high school will attend Kanesville.


Recommendations are based on the following criteria:

-Student must have attended one year plus one trimester in a traditional high school to qualify.

-Student is having difficulty fitting in at large school, has difficulty regarding large groups and classes, or is just in need of a smaller setting.

-The student has attendance issues at his/her home school that could be solved by attending a school with a smaller setting.

-The student is not successfully earning credits in classes at the home school and would do better in a smaller setting.

-The student is behind credits for the number of years they have been attending high school and is in need of credit recovery.

-Student will remain at home school if it is decided that Kanesville is not in the best interest of the student or if the student and/or parent is not interested in a Kanesville placement.

*Students have the option to return to the home school or remain at Kanesville each trimester.

**Any student/parent that comes to Kanesville to request placement instead of going through home school representative will be met with by Kanesville staff and a decision will be made about placement. Appropriate home school representatives will be notified.

***To assist in communication between schools Amy Hawthorne will attend all weekly home school intervention team meetings.