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The student graduation rate has increased every year for the past ten years!

Children’s Square Integrated Health Services

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Children’s Square Integrated Health can ensure families’ physical, mental health, and social support needs are met so that you have healthy kids ready to learn coming back to school in the Fall.


Making a referral is very easy:

  1. Call: (712) 256-7075 or email: ihsreferral@childrenssquare.org
  2. Provide the following information:
  3. Child’s Name (and DOB if available)
  4. Parent/Caregiver Name
  5. Family Contact Number

Some additional information regarding what Integrated Health is all about is detailed below, as well as in the attached brochures and flyers.

Integrated Health Service is a free benefit which a child qualifies for through Medicaid eligibility.

What we DO: We do NOT:
Coordinate and follow-up with your medical, behavioral & social  services Take you from your current doctors and other services, unless you want a change.
Provide one place to help everyone be on the same page about your needs. Add another person to meet with, report to, or who make routine visits to your home
You will see providers in your community and continue to live in your home.  Not a group home were your child lives away from home
A team to help you develop the best plan for your needs and find the services and resources that you are comfortable with. Assign you to specific services without providing support and follow-up to see if those services are meeting your needs.
Lets you feel in control of your care, and encourages and supports you in becoming independent in getting your needs met.  Support dependency on Integrated Health Services or other programs to reach your goals.
Family support-someone who has an understanding of your circumstances and can offer education and resources. Leave you without back-up and support.

IHS Member Fact Sheet (Spanish)

IHS Member Fact Sheet

IHS Member FAQs

Integrated Health Service-Brochure