Did You Know?

The student graduation rate has increased every year for the past ten years!

Helping Your Student Succeed

Planning for Post-Secondary Success

All students in the Council Bluffs Community School District need to be focused on gaining the knowledge and skills they need to successfully pursue their dreams and passions after graduation. Students need to understand the link between the courses they take and their eventual success in the personal and occupational lives. Setting expectations for themselves and envisioning themselves and their future plans after graduation are important for all students.

Guidance on exploring potential career interests and aptitudes begins in the intermediate grades. Students in 8th grade start work on their individual Career & College Plans through the Iowa I Have A Plan Guideways and they will continue to revise and use throughout high school. This plan is developed by the student with help from teachers, counselors and parents. It is a plan for how the student will complete the high school core curriculum requirements and elective courses that tie to the student’s career field of interest.

Counselors and parents help the student monitor progress on the plan throughout high school. Students who have career guidance and opportunities to plan ahead make sound choices and are better able to position themselves for success in whatever they do. As students progress and learn, plans can be adjusted with the help of counselors.