Did You Know?

The student graduation rate has increased every year for the past ten years!

Graduation Requirements

District Graduation Requirements (Board Policy 625)

The District wants to assure all students have clear, rigorous and relevant curriculum linked to knowledge and skills they will need for success in post-secondary education and careers.


 Senior High Graduation Requirements

Council Bluffs Community School District students must fulfill the requirements for senior high school graduation.  The requirements are listed below and are differentiated based on the year each student entered high school as a freshman.


For Freshmen entering high school in 2006-2007 the following requirements apply:

A. Completion of 48 credits in grades 9-12.

B. Completion of the following required credits beginning in the ninth grade year.

Social Studies:              6 credits

English:                        8 credits

Math:                           6 credits

Science:                        6 credits

Physical Education:       4 credits

Electives:                     18 credits

For Freshmen Entering in or after the 2007-2008 School Year:

A. Completion of 48 credits in grades 9-12

B. Completion of the following required credits beginning in the ninth grade year:


Social Studies:                         6 credits 

US History (2)

Government (1)

World History* (1)

Economics (1)


One credit (1) from:

World History




English:                                    8 credits

English 9* (2)

English 10 (2)

English 11 (2)

English 12 (2)

Mathematics:                           6 credits

Integrated Math 1* (2)

Integrated Math 2* (2)


Two credits (2) from:

Algebra 2/Integrated Math 3


Discrete Math


Science:                                  6 credits

Physical Science* (2)

Biology (2)


Two credits (2) from:



Human Biology

Global Science


Physical Education:                 4 credits

(unless Policy 606 or

281–IAC 12.4(5)f applies)


Electives:                                18 credits

* If required classes are taken by advanced students in Middle School, students will take more advanced courses in high school to meet requirements.  Taking advanced levels of required courses such as Concurrent Enrollment and Advanced Placement also meet requirements.  Students will not receive credit toward graduation requirements for courses taken in Middle School.