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The student graduation rate has increased every year for the past ten years!

District Staff Directory

Administration and District Teacher Leader Directory

Dr. Vickie Murillo Superintendent of Schools 712-328-6418 vmurillo@cb-schools.org
Mr. Tim Hamilton Executive Director of Student & Family Services 712-328-6423 x 11347 thamilton2@cb-schools.org
Dr. Corey Vorthmann Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction 712-328-6424 X 11322 cvorthmann@cb-schools.org
Mrs. Toby Rees Chief Human Resource Officer 712-328-6429 x 11232 trees@cb-schools.org
Mr. David Fringer Chief Technology Officer 712-328-6446 x 11337 dfringer@cb-schools.org
Mr. Dean Wilson Chief Financial Officer 712-328-6438 x 11242 dwilson@cb-schools.org
Mrs. Diane Ostrowski Chief Communications Officer 712-328-6443 x 11224 dostrowski@cb-schools.org
Mrs. Julie Smith Executive Director of Teaching & Learning 712-328-6489 x 11326 jsmith2@cb-schools.org
Mr. John Stile Supervisor of Technology 712 256-4215 jstile@cb-schools.org
Ms. Lynn Wodjenski Business Operations Systems Analyst 712-328-6434 x 11345 lwodjenski@cb-schools.org
Mr. Jon McGreevy Student Management Systems Analyst 712-328-6446 x 11321 jmcgreevy@cb-schools.org
Dr. Marty Shudak Director of Assessment 712-328-6489 x 11324 mshudak@cb-schools.org
Mr. Mark Schuldt Director of Elementary Education 712-328-6415 x  11435 mschuldt@cb-schools.org
Dr. Tracy Mathews Coordinator of Early Childhood Programs 712-328-6489 x 11105 tmathews@cb-schools.org
Mrs. Melissa Chalupnik Director of Professional Learning 712-328-6446 mchalupnik@cb-schools.org
Ms. Rhonda Leffler Consultant, Talented and Gifted 712-328-6490 x 11432  rleffler@cb-schools.org
Mrs. Amy Anderson Curriculum Specialist, Language Arts 712-396-2310 acanderson@cb-schools.org
Mrs. Colleen Griffith Curriculum Specialist, K-5 Math 712-396-2309 cgriffith@cb-schools.org
Mrs. Deb Fetch Specialist, Math Prof
Development & Intervention
712-396-2305 dfetch@cb-schools.org
Mrs. Tracy Frush Curriculum Specialist, Preschool 712-396-2308 tfrush@cb-schools.org
Ms. Becky Zorn Director of Special Education 712-328-6430 x 11434 bzorn@cb-schools.org
Mrs. Lisa Stewart Director of Nutrition Services 712-328-6420 lstewart1@cb-schools.org
Ms. Staci Pettit Director of Facilities, Maintenance, & Custodial Services 712-328-6406 spettit@cb-schools.org

District Support Staff Directory

Mrs. Chantelle Brandt ELL Coordinator 712-328-6489 x 11437 cbrandt@cb-schools.org
Mr. Tim Blum Accounting Manager 712-328-6419 x 11236 tblum@cb-schools.org
Mrs. Colleen Caskey Support Specialist/Purchasing 712-328-6436 x 11244 ccaskey@cb-schools.org
Mrs. Melissa Chalupnik Director of Professional Learning 712-328-6446 x 11433 mchalupnik@cb-schools.org
Ms. Cori Shaw Administrative Assistant for Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction 712-328-6424 x 11323 cshaw@cb-schools.org
Mrs. Donna Dannar Data Management Specialist (AEA) 712-328-6446 x 11354 ddannar@ghaea.org
Mrs. Amy Stuart Secretary for the Superintendent 712-328-6418 x 11223 astuart@cb-schools.org
Ms. Nicole McMillen District Receptionist/Volunteer Facilitator 712-328-6446 x 11226 nirwin@cb-schools.org
Mrs. Jillian Davis Human Resources Specialist 712-328-6421 x 11262 jdavis2@cb-schools.org
Ms. Tammy Nielsen Human Resources Specialist 712-396-2357 x 11444 tneilsen@cb-schools.org
Mrs. Sara Jackson Support Specialist/Accounts Payable 712-328-6584 x 11246 sjackson@cb-schools.org
Mr. Daniel Stinman Communications Specialist 712-328-6514 x 11225  dstinman@cb-schools.org
Mrs. Jean Konecny Administrative Assistant to Special Education 712-328-6489 x 11327 jkonecny@cb-schools.org
Ms. Rose Large Payroll Specialist 712-328-6419 x 11252 rlarge@cb-schools.org
Mrs. Robin Luedtke Administrative Assistant for Executive Director of Student & Family Services 712-328-6423 x 11352 rluedtke@cb-schools.org
Mr. Joe LeDuc Digital Learning Specialist 712-328-6446 x 11333 jleduc@cb-schools.org
Ms. Jamie McCollough Administrative Assistant to the Chief Financial Officer 712-328-6419 x 11237 jmccollough@cb-schools.org
Mrs. Amy Peterson Administrative Assistant for Teaching & Learning and Technology 712-328-6489 x 11325 apeterson@cb-schools.org
Ms. Amber Fritze Copy Center/Mailroom Clerk/Print Shop 712-328-6446 x 11522 afritze@cb-schools.org
Mrs. Allison Wild Administrative Assistant for Classified Personnel 712-328-6445 x 11234 awild@cb-schools.org
Mr. Devin Schoening Technology Instructional Coach 712-328-6446 x 11334 dschoening@cb-schools.org
Mrs. Pat Schoening Payroll Specialist 712-328-6419 x 11253 pschoening@cb-schools.org
Mrs. Brianna Stoll District Accountant  712-328-6419 x 11245 bstoll@cb-schools.org
Mrs. Manda Hastie Administrative Assistant for Certified Personnel 712-328-6422 x 11235 mhastie@cb-schools.org
Mrs. Mary Aney Curriculum Specialist 712-328-6446 maney@cb-schools.org