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Council Bluffs Athletic Complex

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A transformational, state-of-the-art facility for multiple sports and activities

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 It’s an exciting time in Council Bluffs with a growing economy, a focus on healthy lifestyles, a dedication to our community’s youth, and continued development of critical infrastructure all around the city. This state-of-the-art athletic complex will become the perfect environment where our student-athletes can excel and where the community can gather with pride.

The new complex will…

building pride• Augment the community revitalization that is occurring in Council Bluffs.

• Provide a recreation and competition arena that will be a source of pride for Council Bluffs citizens.

• Serve middle and high school athletes in football, track and field, softball, baseball, and soccer.

• Serve cheerleaders, dance squads, and marching bands from both Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln High Schools.


investing in teamwork• Send a message that our community cares about the environment that will best support student athletes and their families.

• Reinforce the community’s increasing reputation as a “go-to location” for youth sports.

• Improve the value of property near the complex.

• Bring economic growth to the area as more visitors and home teams have the opportunity to attend conference, regional, and even state events.


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The Existing Complex…


With field drainage issues, insufficient locker and restroom locations, and no welcome area for visiting athletes, the current facility does not positively represent our school district or community. In fact, due to the condition of the 6-lane track, the school district has not been able to host a home track meet since 2004.

Visitors from other schools have been dismayed at the condition of the current facility, and even the local newspaper published critical remarks several years ago.

Parents of softball players must cart in supplies before each game, and the make-shift concessions stand is often filled with water, but never with moving air.

The trek to restrooms from the baseball and softball fields is lengthy. For both boys and girls soccer, the only such facilities are temporary. One recent community member commented, “Oh my goodness,” when driving by the portables.

Parking facilities for football include a gravel and dirt lot that vacillates between blowing dust and forming mud puddles, depending on the weather. Some softball athletes and spectators must park in a grass field that is often muddy.

For one softball field, there is no scoreboard or press box, which limits ability to host tournaments or

games after dark.

Visiting athletes use the middle school bathrooms as their locker rooms.

On the bright side, the district installed new visitor and home bleachers and repaired concrete and fencing at a cost of $1.15 million in 2010 because the existing seating was deemed extremely unsafe.

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The Proposed New Complex…




The proposed facility will include field turf for soccer and football as well as an 8-lane, regulation track. The school district has recently hosted meets at other district or college facilities since the track does not meet required standards.

In addition to a state-of-the-art track, the new facility will have specific locations for shot-put and discus events, improved and additional press boxes, restrooms and new locker facilities. As needed, score

boards will be updated.


Track and FieldParking will be enlarged and enhanced, doing away with the gravel and dirt fields. Lighting will be improved to add safety and aesthetic value. Privacy fences will add to the security of the school district and its neighbors.

Entry features off 16th Street and off Avenue G will provide a grand welcome to students, families,  community members, and visitors. One entrance will overall siteshow the community’s pride not only in its high schools, but in its middle and elementary schools.

Way finding signs will easily direct traffic to the different sections of the complex.

Baseball, softball, and soccer fields will be better aligned, and concession stands and restrooms will serve all sports. Bull pens and batting cages will be renderingimproved and added as needed.

Two grass soccer fields will augment the turf field, allowing the complex to be used for regional and even state contests.




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 Total needed for project: $17.3 million

Total raised to date: $17 million

Remaining Community Campaign Goal: $300,000 (if more is raised, it will be used to add enhancements to the property or to fund ongoing maintenance.)


How Do You Make Thousands of People Stand and Cheer?

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For further questions, please contact the Superintendent, Dr. Martha Bruckner at mbruckner@cb-schools.org.