Did You Know?

The student graduation rate has increased every year for the past ten years!


More than 2,500 students in the Council Bluffs Community School District will ride to and from school on 62 buses this year. The District contracts transportation services with First Student and is fortunate to have an experienced team of drivers.

For Elementary Students:

Who is Eligible to Ride the Bus at No Cost?

District policy 701.5 and Section 285.1 of the Iowa Code outline transportation privileges for students as follows:
• Eligible riders are defined as “Elementary students living two miles or more from school.”
• The two-mile limit is defined as being “from a point at the edge of the roadway nearest the front door of the residence measured to a point at the edge of the driveway nearest the front door of the school by the nearest and most safe traveled roadway.”
• A student may be required to catch the school bus on the approved route by walking up to three-fourths of a mile to a bus stop.
• Preschool students will not be transported to school on a bus unless they qualify for Special Education services.
• Students who attend a school other than the school in their home attendance area are not eligible for transportation unless they catch the bus at an existing bus stop in that attendance area.


Special Requests for Transportation

Due to hardship situations, students may need to be transported from/to an alternate address within the school’s attendance area. Examples of this may be when parents’ working hours are such that the student routinely must sleep at a relative’s or care provider’s residence or when the student is on an IEP (Individual Education Program) and is in need of adult supervision immediately before/after school. A letter of request must be sent to the principal for a “hardship exception,” and must be approved by the principal and the Transportation office before transportation will be provided.

A parent may request transportation of his/her student(s) from an address other than the home address. Students may be granted transportation privileges only after all eligible riders and hardship exceptions have been provided services.


Bus Safety Reminder

Please know that there is no supervision provided by the School District at bus stops. Parents are encouraged to arrange for students to walk to and from, and to wait at the bus stop with at least one other student. Once on the bus, the bus driver is charged with maintaining discipline. Students are expected to behave on the bus as they would in school, knowing that the Code of Conduct will be enforced. All buses are equipped with cameras as part of the safety efforts.
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