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All elementary and middle schools had greater than 96% average daily attendance throughout the 2015-16 school year!


Council Bluffs Community Schools provides bus transportation for qualifying students. Our goal is to provide the safest possible transportation experience for your child.  First Student, Inc. is our long-time partner in providing this service to students in our district to and from school, on field trips, and to sporting events and activities.


Elementary Transportation Information

Middle and High School Transportation Information


The Code of Conduct does apply to bus transportation. Bus passengers are subject to video surveillance.

General Guidelines

1. When waiting for the bus, students must respect the rights and property of others.

2. If a student misses a bus, this is not an excuse for being tardy or absent.

3. When boarding or leaving the bus, student must be conscious of other students and traffic.

4. No student shall sit in the driver’s seat, stand or sit next to the driver, engage in any unnecessary conversation with him/her, harass or distract the driver.

5. Upon boarding, students will show the driver their passes, immediately select a seat, and remain in that seat until they disembark.

6. Students detained after school for disciplinary reasons shall be responsible for their own transportation.

7. If a student rides a bus other than his/her regular bus, the principal may approve the request after parental contact.

8. Students are responsible to the driver and/or school district personnel.

9. The Code of Conduct does apply to school provided transportation.


Other prohibited behaviors include:

1. Tampering with emergency doors or windows.

2. Leaving any books or personal items in the aisle.

3. Extending arms, head, or legs out the window.

4. Refusing to allow other students to sit.

5. Spitting on or from the bus.


The driver is required to report in writing any infractions of the Code of Conduct or the above rules to the building principal and the bus company manager within 24 hours of the infractions. Any major infractions will immediately be communicated to the supervisor of transportation.


Those behaviors addressed in the Code of Conduct will be dealt with according to the provisions of the Code. Those rules on conduct which are unique to bus transportation will be addressed in the following manner:

1. The administrator, on the first infraction, will make a reasonable effort to notify the student’s parent/guardian of the infraction. If a second infraction occurs, the administrator can deny the student’s riding privileges up to 10 days.

2. If a third infraction occurs, the administrator can deny the student’s riding privileges for the remainder of the school year. On the second and third infraction, the administrator will notify the parent or guardian of the student’s action and the school’s response.

3. The administration will immediately remove anyone from the bus who may cause a disturbance enough to endanger the students or driver.

4. Due process will be provided a student prior to any denial of transportation privileges, except in emergencies. In emergency situations, the student will be provided with due process within 48 hours and prior to any further extension of a denial of riding privileges.