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1:1 Initiative

Council Bluffs Community School District provides portable computing devices for all students in grades 2-12.   Currently the device is a Chromebook.  High School and Middle School students take their devices home.  Elementary School Students leave their device at school.  Student use their assigned Google Apps Education account for email, documents, spreadsheets, slides, etc….  In addition there are many apps and extensions that students use to facilitate and enhance their learning.

All incoming  students attend an orientation session about Project Connect, the District’s 1:1 portable computing initiative.  The orientation session covers policies and procedures related to computer use, online safety, damage & loss, and student responsibilities.  Any questions can be addressed to the District’s Chief Technology Officer cto@cbcsd.org.


The Chromebooks issued to students are managed by District’s Information Technology team.  This includes content filtering which is forced to each device both at school and off campus.   The Council Bluffs Community School District is compliant with all provisions of the Child Internet Protection Act.

Students who take their devices home can participate in the Cooperative Damage and Loss Program.  This program provides reduced cost of repair or replacement and is voluntary.  The cost for the 2017-18 school year is $24 per student.  For additional details see the link below.

Computer Loan Agreement

Cooperative Damage Loss Form