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I am grateful for the insights shared during my first 100 days and look forward to making progress on six goals.

Talented and Gifted Education

The Council Bluffs Community Schools recognizes that the special needs of gifted children require programming that is unique to students’ talents and abilities.  In order to meet these needs we offer a variety of educational programs at all levels.  To inquire about our programs, contact Rhonda Leffler; program coordinator at rleffler@cbcsd.org


2016-17 Program Manual


Real-world Investigations by Elementary students:

During the first trimester, Carol Stotts’ elementary students at Rue pursued a real-world problem that was introduced by the United Nations. The students used a tool called Because, How Might We, So that…..to help them comprehend the letter.

Students then researched and followed a problem solving process to solve this problem:

Because we need to double food production by 2050 in order to feed 9 billion people, how might we design an insect farm, make our insects into a new food source, and market them to the people in the United States, so that it will help double our food production by 2050.

Take a look at the results of this process!
Rue 3rd Insect Farm Video


Parent Resources

Parents are invited to visit the following sites for resources about parenting a gifted child, what schools are doing for gifted children, research relating to the field, and extended opportunities available both nationally and in Iowa:

National Association for Gifted Children

Iowa Talented and Gifted Association

Belin Blank Center

Davidson Institute

Nebraska Association for the Gifted

Social Emotional Needs of Gifted

The College Board

Hoagies Resources for Gifted