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The Class of 2016 earned $12.5  million in college scholarships!

Teaching & Learning

The Teaching & Learning administration and staff are dedicated to excellence on behalf of students.  Improving access to resources, supporting professional development, implementing best practices in teaching and providing students with meaningful coursework is the goal.  Continuous improvement means that students will be challenged with rigorous coursework within engaging learning environments. We strive to provide helpful resources to parents and students related to what students are taught and how parents can support learning.

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2014-15 Site Visit

2014-15 Equity Report

2014-15 IQPPS Summary

2014-15 IQPPS Consensus Building

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Title 1 Tutoring Services

Eligible students in the following schools qualify for after school tutor services at no cost to the parent:

Carter Lake, Franklin, Longfellow, Roosevelt, Rue and Wilson.

Service providers must be on the state approved list linked below.

In order to be considered eligible, students must be below grade level in reading and/or math, and submit the enrollment form below by the application deadline.


Approved Provider List

Enrollment Form