Did You Know?

I am grateful for the insights shared during my first 100 days and look forward to making progress on six goals.

Board Meetings

The School Board meets regularly to help make the biggest decisions for our District. Click the links to the right to see what board meetings consist of and even view our webcasts!


Council Bluffs Community School District Board of Directors
Seven Guiding Principles

• We will not use poverty or mobility as an excuse for unacceptable achievement.

• We will be intentional about making instruction our focus, assuring that student achievement be the main topic of discussion at the board table.

• We believe that every child can learn under the proper circumstances, and we will be relentless in the search of those circumstances…. The failure of even a single child will be cause for great alarm and immediate, forceful intervention.

• We will operate the district on the basis of a strategic plan developed by board members, teachers, administrators, parents, students, and community representatives.

• We reaffirm our belief that data is important and that careful analysis of accurate and meaningful data must be a cornerstone of our efforts to improve.

• We recommit to keeping teachers visibly and meaningfully involved in the process of change.

• We commit to reaching out to the community to engage them in important conversations.

Adopted October 14, 2008; revised April 23, 2013.